Transmitters and Receivers for Use with ESKA™ Products
Guide to Selecting Components
Transmitters / LEDs
t r2 t f2 Distance (m3) General Comments/Applications RoHS
MIC-L91A 94040501.0 µs1.0 µ<10 Lowest cost device for short-distanc eapplications YES
MIC-L91D 870501103 ns3 µs <10 Lowest cost electrical bandwidth device YES
MIC-L92A 4306525.5 µs.5 µs <50 Blue light for sensor applications, conveniently packaged YES
MIC-L92B 4702575.6 µs.6 µs <50 Blue light for sensor applications, conveniently packaged YES
MIC-L93 53050953.5 ns16 ns<150 Longest distance, due to the very low attenuation of PMMA fiber at 530 nm YES
MIC-L96E 64520170.1 µs.1 µs<75 Lowest cost visible-red LED deviceYES
MIC-L97 66040250.5 µs.5 µs<100 High-power red LED for low data ratesYES
MIC-L98 650202008 ns8 ns <654 HIgh-power, fact electrical switching times for 50 Mbps applicationsYES
MIC-L99B 650104493 ns3 ns <1005Very high-power device for 100 Mbps LAN applicationsYES
Receivers / Photodetectors
Type t r2 t f2 t p2 Reponsivity6 Threshold7,8 General Comments/ Applications RoHS
MIC-D91Diode5 ns5 nsN/A1.2µA/µWN/AHighest electrical bandwidth device suitalbe for analog/digital applicationsYES
MIC-D92Transistor20 µs20 µsN/A50 µA/µWcN/ALowest cost and simplest photodetector to useYES
MIC-D93Darlington5 ms2.5 msN/A200 µA/µWN/ALinear detector with highest responsivityYES
MIC-D95TLogic70 ns70 ns8.0 µsN/A1.0 µW -30 dBmTotem-pole output device or date rates up to 150 kbpsYES
MIC-D95OCLogic.1 µs.1 µs8.0 µsN/A1.0 µW -30 dBmIdentical to IF-D95T except that it has an open collector outputYES
MIC-D96FLogic65 nsN/A3.5µW -24.5 dBmOpen-collector output device for data rates up to 5 MbpsYES
MIC-D97Logic7 ns7 ns12 nsN/A17µW -17.5 dBmTotem-pole output device for data rates up to 55 MbpsYES
MIC-D98Logic3.5 ns3.5 ns6 nsN/A6.3 µW -22 dBmSuitable for data rates up to 155 Mbps 5NO
  1. Optical power measured from polished end of a 1mm core plastic optical fiber 1 mlong, NA=.47 and LED IF =20mA
  2. Rise and fall times measured from 10% to 90% and 90% to 10% points
  3. Exact operating distance depends on photodetector selected and, in some cases, electrical bandwidth of accompanying circuits
  4. Distance when mated with MIC-D97 Photologic detector
  5. When matched with MIC-D98 photologic detector
  6. Optical power measured from polished end of 1000 _m plastic optical fiber connected to Helium Neon laser porducing radiation in 632.8 nm wavelengths
  7. λ = 660 nm
  8. Threshold is optical power when photologic switches from low to high or high to low
  9. Has interanl gain control circuitry that makes it unsuitable for applications under 4 Mbps
* 1-5 refers to Transmitters/LED
** 1-9 refers to Receivers/Photodetectors
The information contained herein is presented as a guide to product selection. It is subject to change without notice, and should not be regarded as a representation, warranty or guarantee with regard to the quality, characteristics or use of this product.
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