Small Fiber End-Lit Illumination Bundle Cable
Small Fiber End-Lit Illumination Bundle Cable products are all manufactured using Mitsubishi’s Eska plastic optical fiber, item SJ 10 (0.265mm), in limited bundle counts as listed below. The cable jacket is manufactured from a high density polyethelene compound material. We sell these products in spools, or we can manufacture them into specific customer designed fiber assemblies or harnesses. The bundle cables meet a multitude of global fiber optic standards.
Part # # Fibers Approx. Active
Area - mm
O.D./mm Spool Length/Mtr.
SH 100440.531.01,000
SH 1009-1.2590.71.25500
SH 1016161.02.2 500
SH 1032321.52.2500
SH 1048482.23.0500
SH 1064642.73.3500
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