Connectors and Termination Procedures Splitters

Optical Plugs
F05 type
Part No. RFA4011P
Fiber Dia 1.0mm for Hot Plate Termination

JIS/IEC standard simpex plug.
JEITA (EIAJ) Audio Plug Compatible.

Suited Optical Link: Toshiba, Sharp, Hoshiden
F07 type
Part No. RFA4012AP
Fiber Dia 1.0mm for Hot Plate Termination

Compliant with JIS standard duplex plug.
Widely utilized in FA field.

Suited Optical Link: Toshiba
F07(PN) type
Part No. RFA4212AP Dia 1.0mm/Hot Plate
Part No. RFA4212BP Dia 1.0mm/Polish

Compliant with ATM Forum standard
Suited with both F07 and PN type

Suited Optical Link: Toshiba, Matsushita
Electronic Components.
SMI type
Part No. RFA4412P Dia 1.0mm/Hot Plate

Small duplex plug which consumer
electronics manufactureres are putting
Under discussion at IEC.

Suited Optical Link: Toshiba
SMA type (for SERCOS)
Part No. RFA672A Dia 1.0mm/Hot Plate
Part No. RFA672B Dia 1.0mm/Polish

Often called “SMA connector”
Compliant with SERCOS standard.

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Avago Technology (HP) type
Part No. HFBR-4501/4511 Simplex
Part No. HFBR-4503/4513 Simplex
Part No. HFBR-4506/4516 Duplex

Exclusive to Avago Technolgies’ optical link

Suited Optical Link: Avago Technology
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