As a leading global supplier of Plastic Optical Fiber and Cables for decades, the skilled design, engineering and manufacturing skills available at Mitsubishi remain unchallenged. We shape, straighten and terminate any arrays of fibers and cable products. We design and produce any form of flexible light-pipes, fused light pads, and fiber optic ribbons for end-lit or laterally illuminated performance. We mold, attach and secure any standard or designed-in fiber-optic termination. We also help customers contemplating the use of Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) technology by providing performance and capabilities data.
More fiber features:
  • All fibers are 0.25mm to 3mm dia.
  • Bundled Light Guides made to a broad active area size
  • Fiber-Torch cladding is removed at 220° or 360°, or in multiple patterns for side fiber purposes
  • Custom designs of sub-assemblies are available
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