Standard Products for North America
Product Jacket Material Jacket Color Cable Design Outer Diameter Fire Rating
RH4002PolyethyleneBlackDuplex2.2mm x 4.4mm
RHV4001-CMRBPolyvinylchlorideBlackSimplex2.2mmRiser OFNR FT4
RHV4002-CMRBPolyvinylchlorideBlackDuplex2.2mm x 4.4mmRiser OFNR FT4
RHVV4002-CMRPolyvinylchlorideInner Jacket: Black
Outer Jacket: White
Duplex2.2mm x 4.4mmRiser OFNR FT4
RHEE4002-WHPolyethyleneInner Jacket: Black
Outer Jacket: White
Duplex2.2mm x 4.4mm
RHNP4002-BChlorinated Floro PolymerBlackDuplex2.2mm x 4.4mmPlenum OFNR FT6
RHNP4002-WChlorinated Floro PolymerWhiteDuplex2.2mm x 4.4mmPlenum OFNR FT6
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