Plastic Optical Fiber & Cable

Plastic optical fiber also abbreviated as POF, is a type of optical fiber made out of a type of polymer that transmits light and is used for illumination or data transfer. A big advantage of POF is the fact that it can bend and stretch unlike fiber optics made of glass. ESKA™ is a high performance POF Mitsubishi product which is used for short range communications and light transfer.
The accuracy, quality and precision of ESKA™ capabilities may be found in a broad spectrum of demanding applications which include Critical Site Lighting, In-situ Medical Devices, Automotive Interiors and Networks, Home/Office Networks, Industrial Automation, robotics and much more. Availability is in an assortment of optical fiber grades as well as a variety of related cable jackets.
ESKA™ Plastic optical fiber meets an array of critical standards including: IEEE 1394; compliance with ANSI, EIA, Ethernet, Profibus, Sercos, MOST plus UL1581 and UL1666 for flame retardation. The temperature operating range is -55°C to +105°. EMI/RFI immunity is also maintained.
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